Sunday, October 10, 2004

Yahoo and Hotmail/Msn using Thunderbird

Many of us wonder how to get rid of the agony of actually going to the yahoo or hotmail website and check mail.

Yes you can use outlook express or outlook to log into hotmail/msn accounts - but what if you want to use a better and much more advanced email client such as Mozilla Thunderbird, which does not support the interface required for accessing hotmail/msn via email software.

There is a FREE solution for both these accounts. Though I do not recommend hotmail/msn - simply because they offer only 2mb storage space and you need to access it at least once in 30 days or you loose all info stored in the account. Yahoo - on the other hand gives 100mb plus 6 months storage - i think - check it out.

For yahoo the program is Yahoopops.  Even though the latest version is 0.6 - I recommend version 0.5 as the newer version is unable to delete mail in your account after downloading it.

For Hotmail/msn the program is Hotmail Popper. Apparently Microsoft will soon be stopping access to outside programs such as this one from accessing msn/hotmail accounts - unless you have hotmail plus paid account. I guess it is time to trash this account anyway. No offense to the service itself - it is one of the best free email services but the small size, time bound access is not so attractive - at least not for me.

For controlling SPAM - there is also a free solution - Spampal. This does a very good job and much better than most paid solutions.your Thunderbird email client also has junk mail filters - which when activated - do a fantastic job and you most probably will not require anti spam software.


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