Saturday, October 02, 2004

Blog what blog

Well I have been off the net for the past afew days.


Well not really - have actually switched my ISP. Earlier my cable guy was offering me 64 kbps up and down for 1100/ bucks and now have switched to Airtel and have a ADSL line 128 kbps for 900 - duh. It is just great.

Then also have shifted the main internet connection from my pc to the other PC so that PC acts as the web feeder for the house.

ICS on windows

BUT running Internet Connection sharing from the lan connection and from ADSL USB dial up connection - are 2 different things.

Windows uses a sort of NAT [network address translation] which is OK as long as your internet uses your network card - a USB connection changes the dream.

Once I had USB - I could not access Yahoo and MSN neither could I use remote mail readers like Hotpop and Yahoopops.

So in comes Freeproxy. This is a free proxy server - very usefull and also installs itself as a service on win2k. So have routed all connections via this proxy. Only my mail is still going direct using using the ICS [intenet connection sharing - on the dial up connection] but the pop yahoo and msn go via the proxy - i will need to use proxy for GMX as well - i think. all my gmx mail gets bounced.

Eating half kg of delicious aampapar in half hour flat is not good for your stomach.

more later on rss feed and fire fox and my cold....

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