Saturday, October 02, 2004

So finally my GMX does go thru

This is going to be long story now - detailing my voyage from one ISP to another and the troubles encountered including over dose of mango peal - ha and a cold of course.

System must have a software firewall, antivirus, Mozilla Firefox browser.
The internet account in use ADSL aka DSL. Not to forget Freeproxy - all urls also coming below.

Connected the new DSL via the USB and fired up the system. To share it implemented ICS [internet connection sharing] on the DSL modem- you can do this by going to the connection properties in the network panel in the control panel.

3 systems in all including the one connected to the internet.

This same arrangement was ealier set with lan connection for internet at 64 kbps and all systems worked fine including yahoo and gmx.

With DSL - situation changed. Yahoo sites would open including the groups page but no access to the Yahoo mail - same status with msn. To access mail at yahoo I use Yahoopops and for msn I use Hotmail Popper - both free solutions. Neither of them were able to access their respective sites either.

Solution - use a proxy - but where to get one - Googled for free proxies - read about them but had used one 3 years back and found that present avatar is very good. Freeproxy. Since the OS used is Windows 2000 - have installed the freeproxy as a service - in other words - the program starts and is run behind the scenes and works even when no one is logged in.

So - the browser set to use the proxy and have still kept the ICS running - mail only yahoo and msn via the HTTP proxy.

The GMX - had to set up SMTP proxy on the freeproxy server. I am no guru - just did the RTFM [read the fu#$*&g manual] thingy - it is all there in the help.

Re - RSS and fire fox and thunderbird goodies - next post hee he he he


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