Friday, July 03, 2015

Conkywx FOUR release

For the latest version of conkywx - click here
Now Conkywx is FOUR - Additions and changes:
  • Satellite images for storms and wind patterns
  • Earth quake/ Seismic data world wide. Multiple locations can be set to watch, set alarm magnitude and more... 
  • New Pollen data where available.
  • New UV data site independent - based on your Position and elevation in conkywx config file. Data obtained from ESA / TEMIS refer to conkywx help
  • Tides
  • New design for Anemometer and Barometer
  • New Clock with many styles and option.
  • The algorithms for data extrapolation have been completely re-written.
  • Menu driven help.
  • METAR data is internally translated with module integrated into magellan - the astronomy module.
  • New aircraft pointers for the Wind Vane.
  • Multiple sites supported to get options for current and forecast weather
  • Type conkywx --help in a terminal window after installation to see improved help on a web browser.

  • This version does not support conky 1.10x. There is no conky version 1.10x with cairo bindings at present. Suggest you stay with 1.9x series. If you are not using lua then the latest conky 1.10.0-2 should work - you will need to change the config files to the new lua format.
  • Due to changes in AUR - have included a pre-compiled package as well as a PKGBUILD file - take your pick ;-) 
  • As many users are using various conky variants - conky is no longer a dependency but however - conky is still required. Please ensure conky - in what ever form - is in fact installed. 
  • To get the best out of conkywx - please install lua support for your conky - this could mean installing conky-all - check your distro.
  • In some cases to have conky restart automatically you may need to give a sleep 30 - delay in your conky-start script
  • Depending on your Perl installation - you may require extra modules - Time::Piece and HTML::Entities are hot favourites ;-)
  • Many of you may find the text in templates out of spec - before you rip things apart - change the xftfont value in the rc file for the template.

    conkywx FOUR conkywx FOUR
    conkywx FOUR
  • The third image has a radar sweep on the clock - the hour and minute are the targets - and they glow with each sweep ;-)

  • Distro File Location
    Arch linux compiled package
    use "sudo pacman -U package name" to install
    Arch linux PKGBUILD file
    use "makepkg -p ./PKGBUILD" then install the package as above in compiled version
    Arch linux AUR
    Debian based Ubuntu, Mint etc Debian Build
    RPM based Red Hat, Fedora, CentOS, Suse, etc RPM Build
    Stand Alone version you can run in your home directory Stand Alone Version
    Download fonts for the VinDSL Templates - has the installer in the archive VinDSL Template fonts

    For this stand alone version run the file to install or remove conkywx fonts.

    People - feedback from you would be great ;-)