Friday, October 08, 2004

All about RSS

The past week

It has quite a week - earlier in the week - had all sorts of problems with the computers and the Internet and the updates.

RSS - what does it mean for the common person

OK - I am not going to reinvent the wheel - so to speak - there is a lot of information about it on the web,
Basically RSS is "Really Simple Syndication" - what is "syndication" - well,  Syndication is the process by which a site is able to share information with other sites. In this case it is broken down using xml into small data chunks - which can be picked up by a RSS reader such as Mozilla Firefox . A good link for this info is here. It also gives you a rundown on what XML really is - as that is what RSS is based on.

So if you are using Firefox and you go to yahoo news site  and then go to one of the new pages - say top stories. At the right hand side of the status bar you will see red RSS. left click on it and it gives you a "Subscribe to RSS" link and asks you to save as a bookmark [favourite as in Internet explorer]. Here it is referred to as a Live Bookmark - as it updates as and when you ask or when you start the browser.

So finally you do not have to go to the actual web site to get the headlines. Just check the bookmark and it will update and show a list of latest headline.

This is also being used here at Blogger and many other sites. Even weather sites are using RSS to give out information. If you want to get weather info on your desk top visit Rainlender site. You get tons of information about your system plus other information.

Later I shall also be writing about improving your windows for free, changing your shell, look and feel of windows. How does Linux face up, and also about browsers and email/news readers.

Thats about it for now

buenas noches

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