Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Conkywx THREE Released - Conkywx Conky Weather Script

For the latest version of conkywx - click here

Now Conkywx is THREE - Additions and changes:
  • Satellite images for storms and wind patterns
  • Multiple sites supported to get options for current and forecast weather
  • Type conkywx --help in a terminal window after installation to see improved help on a web browser.

  • As many users are using various conky variants - conky is no longer a dependency but however - conky is still required. Please ensure conky - in what ever form - is in fact installed. 
  • To get the best out of conkywx - please install lua support for your conky - this could mean installing conky-all - check your distro.
  • In some cases to have conky restart automatically you may need to give a sleep 30 - delay in your conky-start script
  • Depending on your Perl installation - you may require extra modules - Time::Piece and HTML::Entities are hot favourites ;-)
  • Many of you may find the text in templates out of spec - before you rip things apart - change the xftfont value in the rc file for the template.

    conkywx TWO

    conkywx TWO

    For this stand alone version run the file to install or remove conkywx fonts.

People - feedback from you would be great ;-)


  1. Hi, Param!
    Thank you very much for your kind support!.
    conkywx worked as design!!.

    1. Hey Donald - many thanks for the kind words and your support
      some times I do not click reply and it does funny things this blogger lol

  2. Hello again.
    Unfortunately,Data of Current condition and Forecast of do not seem to be reflected definitely(^^;.
    But Other websites do not have any problem.

    Pls give me any suggestions about this problem.

    1. Hi Donald,
      If you are comparing the with the website - check that in your conkywx config file you have xml_ID=nouse - This will ensure that the pws data is not picked by conkywx and only data is used.

  3. Hello again,Thank you very much for your quick response.

    I read your comment in the previous update,and checked xml_ID=nouse. I was set(xml_ID=nouse), I reset a near area. But.......

    Excuse me,Temperature seems to deviate from weather to me all day long.I tested it in New delhi.

    For example, data of Thursday are given as data of Wednesday.

    Could you pls test this problem try to recreate this problem?


    1. Hey thanks for your message

      The data is from the mobile site - just change the www part to m and you get it. Yes - just now I checked - there does appear a difference between the mobile site and the normal site for Today's information.

      The forecasts are different for - they have the first day as Today or Tonight and then starts with present day onwards - this information matches on the www site but is lower on the mobile site for Today information - present day onwards is fine.

      This is a variance from the website - which in due time should get sorted.

      The advantage now is that we can have the current cond [fog rain etc] from one, rest of the information from another and forecast from yet another source.


  4. Hi, Pls accept my apologies for our slow response.

    At last, it was possible to understand(^^;. I also have understood the source is taken from "" though it compared with the temperature of "".

    I'm very sorry!!

    1. Hey Donald :-)

      Apologies are due from me - I have missed documenting this information - but - as you probably see the volume of documentation involved... :p

      Yes the url used should be available to compare - though - is the only one that is different from what one would expect...


  5. Installed on Mageia 4 64bit. Works fine. Great job !! Thanks !!