Friday, June 08, 2012

Update conkywx conky weather script

For latest version of Conky Weather Program conkywx please look here

Updated conkywx 0.6.5-4

Changes: 12 hour boo boo fixed

Sunday, June 03, 2012

New Conky Weather Program

Here is a new weather program written in Bash

For latest version of Conky Weather Program conkywx please look here

Conky weather image screenshot

Check for the new updates in the blog archives

Support for :
  • Multiple locations
    • Multiple locations can be searched for using separate config files per location
  • Templates
    • Use templates to have very low CPU loads
  • Direct elements
    • Each element can be directly called. In fact if you add a config to each element - you can have multiple locations on the same conkyrc.
  • Choose the kind of units you want - Imperial or Metric
  • Choose the time format 12 hour AM/PM or 24 hour clock
  • Choose Font based or Image based conkyrc
  • Choose popup notifications each time conky updates
  • and more - see wx-readme.txt file
Why Weather Underground
  • Well IMO it has the best weather information on the web.
This program does not need the use of any Keys from the website only the URL or the location code for a supported location on the planet.

Weather has become a very important factor in our lives lately and hence this program.

Friday, June 01, 2012

Google Tasks on your Desktop

Just like you can have Google Tasks on your Android Device - you can also have this as an application on your Desktop - it does not matter what operating system you are using. Arch Linux is BEST :D

Type this URL in your browser
This will open an interface I do not think you have seen yet ;-)

A full fledged Tasks application - you can now pin it as an App in Firefox or other browsers have a desktop link to this website.

Google Tasks on your Android Device

Very simple to get REAL Google Tasks working on your Android device.

All actions below are to be done on your Android Device:
  1. Open your browser
  2. In the URL type
  3. once the page opens - make a Bookmark by pressing the menu button.- lets call it Tasks
  4. On the Android Desktop create a short cut 
    1. Press and hold your finger on the desktop for a second
    2. a popup will show you options
    3. select Shortcuts
    4. select Bookmark
    5. Now select the bookmark you created called Tasks
  5. You now have an application link on the Android desktop
When you tap on this link the Android browser will open and launch you into Google Tasks