Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Add notes to your email in Gmail

Have you ever wondered if you could just add or annotate a note to an email?

I just came to this point in my email usage where I had an email - which had a label reference to it but I also needed a note for myself what though had come to me when I was reading the stared email and if I could have some use for that email at a future date. I just wanted to clean up my starred labelled emails...

This is what I found he he...

Gmail "does" support Notes - but with a twist and it can be used for each and every email you wish to add notes to.  These notes get added to the conversation and if you apply a label to them such as "Notes" or something then one can search the label.

  1. Create a Contact called Notes and the email address - so if you wrote Notes in the To box you will get the email address - this message gets added to the existing email conversation.
  2. Create a Filter - you can called anything I have used Notes as the label name. In the To: box add -you can also select the "skip inbox (Archive it)" option.
  3. Now do the testing - choose any email and hit forward - in the To box type notes and you will get the email you saved in the contacts - use this email and send. You should shortly receive an email which is part of the original email conversation - voila and it also has a label notes attached which the filter notes had applied to it.
Thats it you have a framework to allow attaching notes to any email in Gmail.


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