Friday, November 12, 2010

Making sense of your email on Gmail - Take Control!!

Many moons back I had written about using multiple emails forwarding from one to the another etc to handle spam - well that is now done very well by Gmail. So out went Thunderbird [Mozilla email client] - it is still a fantastic product so long as only you use your desktop PC.

So you use Gmail and have been doing so for a while or have just started - never mind - there is always a starting point.

You should also be using Firefox or Google Chrome web browser - it has sooo many addons for Firefox. Chrome - as it is also known as Chromium - the source from which Chrome is compiled - also has addons.

I came across this fantastic addon - ActiveInbox - it uses labels to help you manage your email.

What is missing???

Google calender integration into gmail allowing me to put dates or flow control on my email - apparently the ActiveInbox Plus - the advanced version has it - but at a cost ;-).


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