Monday, May 06, 2013

Conkywx - conky weather program - conkywx weather alerts

There were some requests for weather alerts and sooooo have worked that alert thing out - by default - no user intervention - conkywx will show an alert if wunderground shows any Active Advisory for your location. This will be an "!" exclamation character before the present weather condition. Like it may show "! Overcast" or what ever.

There is also a new element WALERT which will show the actual advisory name like Flood Warning - which is in place for Mississippi area at present.

Now the actual text in that advisory is on another page - and can be quite extensive - and also the radar image - both are ignored by conkywx.

The basic idea is that you get fair warning that there is a weather phenomena which has a potential of messing with your daily life and that you should visit wunderground website to see the details.
Conkywx Weather Alerts
In this image you see the same location with and without WALERT - I have used it along with present condition like [WALERT][CT]

I feel this should be fine ;)

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