Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Conkywx Conky Weather Script 0.7.3 Released

For latest version of Conky Weather Program conkywx please look here

Weather Information for Conky - or as some may say Conky Weather Script
  • Units_downloaded is reintroduced in the conkywx.conf
  • Feels Like temp corrected for Locales where download is in IMperial units
  • show_short_cond_text - New option introduced in conkywx.conf 
  • automatically checks for new conkywx version every 24 hours and displays popup notification


There is a wiki which is same as the conkywx man page conkywx wiki

If you are using Arch linux visit this AUR page

If you are using Debian based Distro - Ubuntu, CrunchBang, Mint etc Download ver 0.7.3

If you are using RPM based distro - Fedora, CentOS, Suse etc Download ver 0.7.3

There is also a Stand Alone version you can run in your home directory Download ver 0.7.3

For this stand alone version you will need to copy the fonts in to the ~/.fonts directory. It is a hidden folder in your home directory. Use the file to get it going or see how it works and integrate into your existing conky setup.

People - feedback from you would be great ;-)

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