Friday, July 27, 2012

Conky Weather Script Conkywx ver 0.7.0 released

For latest version of Conky Weather Program conkywx please look here

Many changes and updates.

1. New back grounds added
2. New templates
3. Code changes to handle wunderground booboos
4. weather images cleaned to fix png errors
5. all templates and conkyrc have extension .sh

If you are using Arch linux visit this aur page

If you are using Debian based Distro - Ubuntu, CrunchBang, Mint etc Download

There is also a version you can run in your home directory Download
For this stand alone version you will need to copy the fonts in to the ~/.fonts directory. It is a hidden folder in your home directory. Use the file to get it going or see how it works and integrate into your existing conky setup.

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